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Country Hideaway Condos at Mountain Lakes

Collection Policy

Country Hideaway Condominium Association, Inc.

Association Assessment Billing and Collection Policy

October 1: The Country Hideaway Condominium Association, Inc., operating budget and an invoice of the Owners assessment per Interval Ownership for the following year are mailed. Assessment is due and payable on January 1st. Notification shall be by invoice delivered by first class mail to the address of record for each Interval Ownership or hand delivery. In additional to first class mail/hand delivery, notice shall be given by posting notice in a conspicuous place (management office) on the Condominium premises. Memeber may request notices of assessments to be emailed. Member must make request in writting to Country Hideaway Condominium Association, PO Box 3199, Cleveland, GA 30528.

January 1: Assessment is due and payable. 

January 10: Unpaid account is in default. Late Fees (10%) and Interest (8% per annum) have been charged to their account.

February 1: Second notice mailed informing Owner of their default status.

April 1: Accounts in default are contracted to a professional collection service. The cost of said service shall be added to the defaulting account. After an account has been contracted to a collection service all correspondence must be directed to the collection service provider.

Suspension of Use:

Use of unit will be denied until all assessments are paid in full

All exchange privileges suspended

Voting rights suspended

Return checks:    

The Association will charge a fee for returned checks. The official notice of a returned check will be sent by certified mail and by standard first class mail instructing the payee to either bring cash or to send a certified check, money order or cashiers check in the amount of the returned check plus the returned check fee to the Association.

 The retuned check fee is $30.00 per check. The fee and replacement funds are due within 10 days of the receipt of official notification (via certified letter) that a check was returned.

Owner Address:    

In accordance with the Declaration of Condominium for Country Hideaway Condominium at Mountain Lakes, each Owner shall have the affirmative duty and obligation to inform the Association in writing of any change of the Owner's current address. Notice shall be deemed given if sent to the last address of said Owner which is recorded on the books of the Association and for which the Association has not received the Owner's current address or notice of change of ownership from the owner.

 The Association will mail any required communications to the address of record and will assume that the address is the most current one. If the owner of an Interval Interest does not receive a copy of the Budget Statement of Assessment by December 31st of each year, the Owner is to immediately contact Country Hideaway Condominium Association, Inc. administration office at 706-865-7666. An Owner that for any reason does not receive their Assessment Invoice is nonetheless responsible for the timely payment of the Assessment and will be charged with late fees, interest, and costs of collections in accordance with Country Hideaway Condominium Association, Inc. Billing and Collection Policy and in accordance with the Declaration of Condominium for Country Hideaway Condominium at Mountain Lakes.

Notice shall be mailed to:

Country Hideaway Condominium Association, Inc.

P. O. Box 3199

Cleveland, Georgia 30528

or fax to:


or emailed to:

[email protected]

or hand delivered to:

75 Enchanted Way

Cleveland, GA 30528

 If an Owner's assessment billing is returned to the Association by the Post Office because the Owner has moved and not notified the Association, a re-billing fee may be posted to the Owner's account as a Personal Assessment.

Revised 2011 

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